About us

Shri Rafiq ahmed ji established the Famous Brass Band – Bharat Band in 1970. The Legend succeeded at Locations He set foot on faridabad He is known to have changed the face of Brass Band.

Shri Rafiq ahmed ji was known for being Stern & Displinary. His troupe was identified by their clean and complete formal attire in every Wedding they performed. This was not just limited to his troupe but was an example set by his sons.

sons actively performed in the band . Mr Naeem playing the vocal along with their father who would confidently lead the group to direct the music as per the liking of the Baraaties.

His knowledge for music made him a great teacher for every member that joined the Bharat Band Group enabling each one of them to master their respective instrument and play any form of music encompassing carious cultures with utmost enthusiasm & Creativity. This is what brought Bharat Band to a level unmatched by many.

Shri Rafiq ahmed earned most of His recognition in forms of Medals & Certificates from well known Industrialists A huge crowd would come together to see the Famous Bharat Band march through the streets during any wedding or religious processions.

When Shri Rafiq ahmed took his last breath in 2008; his sons,Mr naeem took over faridabad respectively.

This is being proudly followed by the third generation who have joined them Mr. Rizwan